Monday, January 11, 2021

On a Cold and Frosty Morning!

 Luckily enough the fire stayed in last night and when we looked out of the window it was like we were in the film Frozen. 

Del took out the ashes and then took a few photos. At this point it was minus four.. 

You can see the patterns created on the side panels on Derwent6 and the barrels looked amazing..

It was so pretty we decided to take a walk down to the pharmacy to collect some medications and Al used the post office to post a couple of urgent letters. The good thing was the towpath was frozen and it made life better than walking through the mud..

It was so pretty and good exercise for both of us.. When we got back we had another issue to contend with.. 

As you all know Lithium  Batteries don't like the cold weather and don't charge below five degrees, so this year it was a trial for us to test them, as last year we were in a marina for the worst part of 2020. We have a 40 watt heater which takes the chill off in the engine room, and in fact it is designed for greenhouses through the winter months, but this wasn't working, as the batteries have a temperature sensor which was still showing only three degrees, probably because it was still minus three outside.. We have now sussed out that by running the engine for an hour it gets warm enough in the engine room for the batteries go above five degrees and start charging, result! Ok when its really cold we have to use a bit more diesel, but we save so much once they are charged so this is a small turning point for us and a worry taken away.. 

It didn't warm up all day and the frost just looked prettier by the minute.

They forecast snow tomorrow and we need some wood cutting done, so lets see what happens, every days a challenge and an adventure, that's what we love about this life.. 

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