Sunday, January 10, 2021

Get it all done before Lockdown (again)

Full on task day ahead today, so we set off at 8.30am and passed the new landslip which is still slipping with bricks falling out of the wall.

We then reached roses and it seemed so quiet again.

The canals are very silted up now with not much boat movement so you can never rush these things, we even had to break a bit of ice in some places but it was very thin..

  We only passed one boat on the two and a half  hour cruise.

We carried on up to Hawkesbury junction and managed to get on the water point.

The tap was being used by the private moorers, so come midday we moved to a suitable spot for our Asda delivery.. 

Bang on time the delivery turned up. We then moved back onto the water point and stuck the hose back in. While that was filling Del had his haircut and then we both had a nice long shower each.. We set off at 1.45pm and headed back the way we came..

It was bloody freezing and Del was layered up and constant Tia Maria coffees were brought out to warm him up..  We were lucky enough to get our mooring back which pleased Tooty albeit he was confused with us facing the other way. 

  So we are all done for a bit, ready for the next lockdown period.....

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