Thursday, September 11, 2014

Postcard stuff

We were up bright and early and the morning was the same, bright and warm. As we untied a Virgin Balloon was going over head. As we pulled out and cruised across the lake, it was picture postcard stuff again.

We turned back onto the Nene and retraced our footsteps. The Nene was like a piece of glass and this time we were into current, it was such pleasant cruising we had to pinch ourselves.
We passed back under Milton Bridge and onto Wansford where we were just ahead of the steam train going over us but we couldn't wait for it.
It is nice to see the good old fashioned straw bale round these parts again.
We had paired up with n.b Sofia and they were getting everything ready for us in the lock and we closed the gates and drained the lock after us as you do on this river.
Del was happy as the guillotines were dry and didn't drip all over the roof like going down flow.. Talking of guillotines, we were heading for Fotheringhay where Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded. We got to Yarwell lock and as you pass the caravans you can see the attraction of this place, its so pretty and in the background you could hear the steam train chuffing and whistling its way through the trees. We pulled out of the lock and we both filled with water, as these facilities are a bit scarce on here.
Pumpout is worse as none of them seem to work and when they do you need a token which you can get in Northampton, not much help when you're 30 miles away. We passed Nassington and got to Elton, where we stopped on the way down, and it was here we split with n.b Sofia. The locks are a bit tricky going up, but the key is to take it slowly, something we are all good at. We held Derwent6 on the centre rope and then just opened one paddle as the lock fills quickly on the flowing Nene. It works for us!
We hadn't passed a boat all day, amazing in all this good weather, and such good cruising. We then arrived at Fotheringhay and the moorings were empty all under St Mary and All Saints, a stunning church on the hill with an octagon tower.
You have to pay £4.00 to moor here overnight and we just felt we wanted to see it here. We had some lunch listening to the church bells and with the sun in our faces and with full tummies ended up having a cat nap. We woke up at 5.00pm and decided to see the place. Just before we left the farmer came round for his money, so we mustered up as much shrapnel from the change pot, making his pockets heavy with five and ten p's. Made us feel better anyway!!
We then took a walk over to the Motte and Bailey castle mound which is the spot where Mary had her head removed and Richard the third was born. This is what it would have looked like!
We've got to say it is worth doing and is unbelievable you can walk in the same grounds with so much history around you.
You can still see where the buildings were and where the moat ran.
We then walked up to the Church and when we got inside music was playing, a lovely sound too. It was a local band practicing and recording their first album, the acoustics sounded brilliant in the church.
It was very interesting following the history of the village, and the church even has a secret room.
It was then time to go up to the Falcon pub for some refreshments and with the sun setting we sat in the garden.
The food here looked lovely but as we had eaten perhaps another time. On our walk back we watched the sun set over Derwent6 and the sheep looking at their reflection on the side panels on one side and the swans on the other..
It has just been a cracking day today, how lucky we are....


Laurie Williams said...

Del and Al, that picture 4 from the bottom of Derwent6, the swans, sheep and setting sun, is a stunner. Really encapsulates what it's all about!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Laurie, it was just one of those perfect evenings...