Friday, September 12, 2014

On to Ashton

We planned to go early again this morning, but with a thick mist on the water it wasn't worth the risk of whacking a bridge or going into trees, so we waited till the fog had lifted and we pulled the pins.
It has still been very warm for the time of year and it was a lovely calm day again.
We thought we wouldn't go too far today as we felt like chilling out and also we wanted to try a nice mooring we noticed on the way down..  Once again it was just fantastic cruising on the Nene with Herons and Kingfisher's galore. We soon got to Perio Lock with no problems.
We then got to Cotterstock lock and was surprised that someone was in it, the first boat we had met cruising for two days.
Al helped them through and we soon got through ok.
We kept going with Oundle in the distance twisting and turning till we got to Ashton Lock.
An Environment agency guy was at the lock and he helped us through and even drained the lock for us, thanks mate.
We were lucky enough to get a mooring, albeit a bit of reversing was required and Al soon got the washing line out.
Del on the other hand started painting the barrels on the roof, a job he has been trying to do since the spring but never got round to.
We didn't see the sun today as the cloud cover was too great and it never got the chance to burn through. Lets hope its back tomorrow....

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