Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A day in Peterborough

Al had been down her Dad's and she had also taken him back to King's College Hospital, but due to Alf being so weak following his infection last week, they wouldn't run the course of tablets he needed to take, and they will review the situation in a couple of weeks.. Al checked he was all ok in the morning and then made her way back to Derwent6. In fact she met Del in Peterborough where we first had a coffee and nibbles in the square.
We then went to Peterborough Cathedral which was free and amazing. Mary Queen of Scots was buried here (before James1 moved her to Westminster Abbey) and also the place Katherine of Aragon was laid to rest.

Our history just blows you away. It was well worth the walk round with also so many artefact's.
Afterwards we walked round the shopping centre and picked up a few handy bits and pieces and then we ended up in weatherspoons and then on to Prezzo's for a lovely meal together.
We got on the late bus back to Ferry Meadows and crashed into bed. We hope to move in the morning!

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