Friday, October 25, 2013


We have been sitting tight as we had a good location at Fenny Compton, but we had to move due to the fact we needed a pump out and water..
So we left early on Thursday morning and first made the tight turn at the Wharf. In the book it says this is a 60 foot turn but Derwent6 will just go round and we are 65 foot.. we moored up on the water point..
After filling with water we moved along to the marina and used our token to have a pump out.. it is a good strong machine here so we could give it a good flush out..
We then carried on to Claydon again with the sun in our faces and picked up a bit more wood on the way, there seems plenty of it about here..
We met loads of boats coming towards us so the locks were always in our favor..
These locks are so old and can be a hard set to deal with..
We then pressed on through the three locks to Cropredy with no problems and found a mooring where we hoped to get a tv signal..
Well we could only get the ITV channels for some reason which was a touch as Del wanted to see the football in the evening.. A job for tomorrow we think.. We had just had some lunch when n.b Moore2life came up through the lock and moored behind us.. just as they did Timothy West and Prunella Scales went past us to go down the lock..
We soon got the kettle on and had a bit of a catch up with Chas and Ann..

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