Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cylinders and Cymbals

We got up early as we had a few jobs to do.. we needed to get a gas bottle so Del sorted out the sack barrow and got out the empty bottle from the locker and we walked along to the pub first which sold gas..It turned out that they only do Flo Gas so we ended up walking to the marina and getting it there.. We brought some rubbers seals for the diesel cap at the chandlers and then fitted our gas bottle.. We then took a walk to LeeSan and got a new waste tank breather filter and some cleaners for the system..  It was then back to Derwent6 where we then had to post a couple of letters so it was a walk into the village to drop them off.. This wore us out (tough life isn't it) so a cup of tea with lunch was in order.. In the afternoon the rain started and we chilled inside Derwent6..It has still been very warm here and we haven't had to use the fire much yet. After a bit of telly and some stuff we watched on iplayer we got ourselves ready to go out in the evening.. In the pub a band called Fraudio were playing and we loved their sound, the drummer was particularly good. With a few beers we got into the evening and ended up walking back to Derwent6 at 11.30pm..

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