Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Banbury to Fenny

We decide to make the use of a dry day so set off early this morning.
It was so peaceful and we crept out of Banbury as an acorn dropped on the roof reminding us of autumn
We soon made our way to the first lock of twelve we were going to do today, and at the second one we had our first find of the day..
A tree full of apples was at the lock. Rude not to get a bag and crumble was on the menu for tonight..
We got to Cropredy which was surprisingly empty but we were told loads of boats had set off in front of us.
We then passed the new Cropedey marina and have got to say it looked quite busy and a lovely location...
They had really cracked on with the second pound which hadn't been started back in August when we were at the festival here.. In fact this marina entrance was opposite the mooring we had then and it was just hedgerows..
After getting through Broadmoor and Varney's locks we found our next find.. A nice pile of seasoned wood left by a kind farmer, but we could only get a couple of bits as we had to get out of the lock. We had some on board anyway and it pays not to be selfish and greedy to other boaters, they might help you out one day.
We hit Claydon's flight of five locks and could see the other boats in front of us so it was a nice steady pace for us.
When we got to the top lock, our last for the day, the sun came out.. It was also funny to see this couple making cider for Christmas.. They did offer!!
It was a lovely last hours cruising through the tight and shallow section of the South Oxford.
We arrived at Fenny Compton and stopped at the marina for a check on the moorings here.. Guess what none.. so we just managed to squeeze on the end...
Still we had telly as we wanted to watch the football in the evening.

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