Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Through Busy Braunston

The day started early for Del as he was up doing the brasses but the rest of the crew had a lie in.. We had brunch at about 10am with the Swans and Cygnets, and also ducks and duckings.. 
We set off at 11.15am and made our way to busy Braunston.
We had to squeeze through a couple of spots but got through. It was very busy so we pushed on through to the locks just in front of a wide beam..
With our helper on board we were very organised and soon reached the top with no problems..
We hit the tunnel and it was still very busy as we passed four boats inside it..  It was nice to see the sun out on the otherside, light at the end of the tunnel.. 
We managed to find a lovely mooring at Norton junction but again it was busy.. We even managed to get a telly signal so we watched the tennis.
At 7.00pm we walked down to the newly opened again, "New Inn" The pub was about the same with a new carpet, and they had some good beers. But the most important thing was the food, where they had a smaller menu, but the quality was great..The prices were about the same and it was even better for us as David wanted to treat us for having him and paid.. It was a pleasent walk back to Derwent6 where we watched another DVD before we went to bed..

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