Saturday, June 22, 2013

Al back to Kent and new Crew

We were up early as we had the car and we went down to Tesco's to pick up loads of heavy and bulky goods. Al had to get away as she didn't know when her Dad may be released from Hospital.. Del found the phone on the roof which had been left out all night and you guessed it... it rained!! so a drying process has been put in place which has blown up the hairdryer and you still couldn't read the screen...Things aren't going too well...
Al still had problems trying to pick her dad up as the traffic was so bad going into London she had to turn round and go to Bromley south to get the train to Denmark Hill.. Her dad had been waiting since 9.00am to be picked up and was non to pleased at her arrival.. They got back at 3.00pm and Al stayed a while and got the train back to Derwent6..
Del on the other hand was waiting for a new crew member to turn up while the traffic for Braunston Historic Boat show went by..
We had David (another godchild) who was going to help us out for a few days.. He arrived at 3.00pm and Del met him halfway to show him where we were moored.. After settling in Del and David walked down to the Cinema where they watched the film World War Z a zombie film (and yep you've seen um all..)
Afterwards Al got back to Derwent6 and then walked to the cinema where she met up with Del and David.. David's choice was to go to Pizza Hut so that we did.. Al chilled with a couple of beers, she needed it.. We were all looking forward to a peaceful night..


Lisa said...

So sorry to hear of Alf's illness. I can recommend a bag of rice with which to put the phone in,
Best wishes
Lisa & David
NB What a Lark

Amanda said...

How funny. I was going to suggest the bag of rice trick too. It sounds as if it has all been very hectic for you. Hope things calm down soon.

Del and Al said...

Thanks both, that's a great tip! x

Oakie said...

Hey, that's me with the hat, steering Nuneaton, waving like mad to you. I knew who you were, but you didn't know me. One day we will meet up face to face. Good to see you published a pic, anyway.

Ray The Tug.

nb Stronghold