Monday, June 10, 2013

Home again

Gosh it's good to be home hear the birds singing and ducks quacking feels tranquil...
As you can imagine Derwent6 was a bit of a mess (well a mess to Del)  It was covered in dust and grass, yes they had cut the grass while we were away... It took Del a morning to clean Derwent6 up a bit .. We had a good chat to Paul and Lynne off n.b PistonBroke who had moored next to us, before we had to leave..We had been here for 13 days and needed to move. It is now a lot busier on the cut here so we timed our move at lunchtime..
It was the right thing to do as the traffic was not too bad..
We didn't have to queue for the locks at Hillmorton and we found a nice mooring at the bottom. Ahhhhhh chilling at last!!

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