Thursday, April 18, 2013

Peaceful Winds

With all good plans..
We moved to the end of the Welford arm so we could rub down the gunwales and prepare Derwent6 for painting.. Well the weather has been dry but the winds have been horrendous.. If you start to rub down the dust goes everywhere and if you get a primer pot out the paint blows off the brush and down the sides of Derwent6.. So a no go!!.
So it has been back to the routine jobs of porthole liners and putting things up we got on holiday.. We got a trivet and a sun and moon from Disney.

We have been watching boats try to move in these winds and I suppose they have to move.. Anyone who has moored up here has been blown to the other side of the cut and we have had to help them pull it back.. No good having a bow thruster here.. ...
It has been nice having the time on our own again and it is so peaceful.... but we wait for a call, and then it will be all systems go.....

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