Sunday, April 14, 2013

Honeymoon revisited

Well we're back!!! We have had Derwent6 in a marina and gone to the U. S. of A... 
Remember back when Del's dad (Len) died, one of his wishes was that all the grand children went to Disneyworld, Florida, we also went just to see their faces.. It was all their first time on a plane and first time on foreign soil.
Terry (Del's stepmum) made it all happen for fifteen of us, and we all thank her so much for that, we also treated ourselves for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.. 30 years ago to the day, we had our honeymoon in Florida and it was also the first time we had flown, so it brought back a lot of memories.
We have had just a fabulous time and when asking the kids what their best day was the reply was "All of it"....
It just also happened to be Del's dads birthday while we were out there so we had a celebratory meal with lots of memories. We went to an Old American Diner called Manny's Chophouse ( ) which dad would have loved.. 
We had a two week pass to Disney and all the parks, which included the water parks and rides. To see the kids faces as we walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom was priceless. We also got to go to the West and East coast to sample the beach and the surf... We could go on about it for ever and the photos prove it, but this is a boating blog and Derwent6 never made the plane.. so we will tell you more when we see some of you..
It has been nice having a break from blogging but with so much going on it will be great to tell you all about it..
Did we miss Derwent6?   Yes of course we did. but we didn't miss all the bad weather you have had.. We have just got used to 82 degrees every day and we came back to six. So the fire has been going and the jet lag has kept us asleep but we are rearing to go..
We are now out of the marina and plan to get Derwent6 ready for blacking, watch this space!!!


Stuart said...

So pleased you had a good time, ive been following your blog since the birth of Derwent 6 and have missed my daily update. Enjoy the summer.


Del and Al said...

Thanks Stuart, hopefully normal service will be resumed :-) (Once we've got over the jet lag lol)

Les Biggs said...

Hi friends
Just playing blog catch-up.
I just love a blog post like this. I wonder if Len had a smile on his face.