Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gas Locker repairs

It was a nice warm morning for a change and we got up at our normal time of 8.00am.. Del set to work on the task in hand which was to get the gas locker blacked as it had gone rusty under the gas bottles..
After cleaning it out and rubbing it down it was blacked with the paint we had left from the hull blacking.. As it was so warm it dried after a couple of hours and we were able to put a another coat on..
We then decided to oil the cratch boards.. We had a new oil and was giving it a try..It went on white but soon soaked into the wood.. It turned out looking very good..
We had lunch in the sunshine and chilled in the afternoon while everything dried.. Later friends Andy and Hilary on n.b. Maisibert turned up..We soon got the chairs out and had a good chat.
We couldn't make a cup of tea as the gas bottles were on the towpath but Hilary kindly made one for us....
It started to get colder and we thought it might rain so we all went in, but the problem was the gas locker still wasn't dry, so we kept our fingers crossed that it stayed dry.....
In the evening we walked round to the n.b. Maisibert for a drink and more chats, getting back to Derwent6 for the second half of the football... 

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