Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Very Windy Day

We were being knocked about last night with 50mph winds belting up the Thames. We are tied here on two trees and it seems to be the best way because the ropes slide up and down the tree as the water levels change. If we were on pins it would have pulled them out by now as the levels on the river can change very quickly. The wind has been bashing us against the bank as fenders don't do anything here. We spent the best part of the morning watching the wind and being rocked about like a tin can. We did manage to go for a short walk to get some fresh air but never ventured too far. We did have a problem with the runners on the sliding cupboard and it turned out to be a runner which had broken. Del managed to make a temporary repair and we will have to get a source from Fernwood our boat builder.

We then had a bit of a clean up and the porthole liners were cleaned again. We also sorted out the paperwork.

We chilled out in the evening with our music drowning out the howling winds....

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Anonymous said...

Have emailed Al re a visit! Hopefully the wind will have calmed down or else I will be sick!


Z x
ps your where we are in the country link seems to have stopped working :(