Friday, September 09, 2011

Derwent6 supports David swimming the Thames

We were up early this morning because we were expecting David Walliams to be coming past us today and we didn't know what time it would be. He was at Reading and was getting in the water around 7.00am. This is just an amazing feat as he is swimming the length of the Thames for Sports relief. We then found out he was stopping at Sonning for breakfast, well a piece of toast and a cup of tea at the little cafe at Sonning Lock. When he arrived he did look at bit worse for wear, but was still in very good spirits making jokes with everyone. It was great to see one of the nearby schools had all turned out for him all in their blue school uniforms. He then got back in the water and swam past Derwent6 with the sounds of Queen's "We will Rock You" and "We are the Champions" blasting out and echoing down the Thames. The banks were filled with supporters following him and his trainer, along the way. He has already raised nearly half a million. It was so inspirational, it made you feel good to be British... well done mate!!!!It all felt a bit of an anti climax after he had gone through and we ended up doing nothing really for the rest of the day.

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Back to normal then.