Thursday, September 08, 2011

Another Birthday with Friends

We had a nice lay in this morning and it was bliss... When we did surface Del decided to go out on his bike and ended up doing a 20 mile round trip. Al spent some time reading and catching up on some other things she had neglected over the last few months. We got together in the afternoon for a snack lunch. We had got a call from friends Maxine and Graham who wanted to come up and see us, it was also Maxine's Birthday. They arrived at about five o clock and we chilled in the cratch of Derwent6 till our stomach's started to rumble. We then all walked into Sonning village and went to The Bull Inn and had a lovely candle lit birthday meal and we never left till midnight. We said our goodbyes and then walked back to Derwent6 in the dark (your eyes soon get used to it!), falling into bed at 1.00am.

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