Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bigger freezer

You can now see the dayroom/dining area drawings with the table up.... We are now also going to have a bigger freezer under the end cushion, which will now be 37 litre capacity. The slot in the leg is to allow for the pipe work which goes under the lockers and also if anything electrical is put on that end seat, it will reach the plug socket, even with the bed in the made up position.

Hopefully the foam insulation (foaming) will be done this week, so more pictures of that soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali & Del,
Joy has told me so much about what you are doing, just had to see for myself, It looks great, like the idea for the folding bike storage.
hope to catch up soon Ali.

Take care Lorry x

Del and Al said...

Hi Lorry

Great to hear from you. Glad you've found the blog, its been all systems go this end! Hope to catch up next week.

Ali x

Derek and Dot said...

Hi you two
We are both fit and well and enjoying the lifestyle. Really love following the boat build. Hopefully we will catch up soon.
Derek and Dot

Anonymous said...

Cool post. Love the picture.

Halfie said...

Del & Al - have just found your blog. Good to read all the progress reports, and I hope the fitout goes as well as you've planned. You must have been worried when you heard about SVBC's collapse (wouldn't want anyone to go through what Pav's just endured). Thanks for putting me on your blogroll - I'll now put you on mine!


Del and Al said...

Hi Rui
Glad you like the blog, we feel honoured with it coming from you.