Saturday, February 02, 2008

Engine room design

This is how we see the engine room....

It will hold the washing machine, tumble drier and the two folding mountain bikes. It will be done in the traditional style of roses and castles with a darker wooden floor, it will also be a den which we can use for computer work and other hobbies. A table will drop down over the washing machine and tumble drier to form a large table. We still have to find a compact computer chair to fit in this room, and space will need to be found for tools and sack barrow etc.

Here we have the same room with the doors closed on the bikes cupboard. This room has had to be extended to just over 10 foot and hopefully these compact machines will fit through the stern doors and in their places. (if not we'll just have to cut a hole in the roof to get them in) lol

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