Sunday, February 17, 2008

The best and most used room on Derwent6

Here is the bedroom sketch. As you can see the headboard will be carved into the bulkhead panel and there will be an end post, which will pull out to extend into a five foot wide bed.
The reason behind the chest of drawers was that it gave us flexibility in the bulkheads because you could easily lose six inches in the size of the drawers. There will be storage in the top lockers and in the wardrobe beside the chest of drawers, and also under the bed.
The space under the bed has to be well vented to stop condensation, so the bed base may be slatted. The rear under bed space is where the batteries will sit, but there will still be room for long term storage under here.
There will be porthole bungs which will block the portholes at night and these will act as cushions during the day. These will match the throw over the bed and there will be also be fly screens to fit in the double glazed portholes for those hot summer nights.
We have also fitted two LED reading lights in the overhead lockers over the headboard.
We intend to be spending alot of time in this room (for sleeping of course!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Del, have been looking through the last month of progress along with my daughter Chynna and she said she would love to do this. We can't believe just how in depth your project is but it is going to look brilliant and will be fantastic to look back on this exciting adventure. Good luck and speak soon.
D Page

Del and Al said...

Thanks Dave

As your the best painter I know...we made need your help when the paint job gets done on Derwent6
You are all welcome to come on board when she is finished.
Great to hear from you.
Keep in touch

Keith Lodge said...

Hi del & al.
What else would you need a lovely bedroom for, if not sleeping hahaha. Especially after a hard days cruising, that is all you will be wanting to do is sleep.
I love the layout of the bedroom, and everything looks to be going well.