Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Don't go boating if you don't like water!

Well !!

We had a great Crick show!!

Lovely day Saturday, (but it was so busy) and wet Sunday and Monday (but it kept the crowds away) This gave us the chance to have a good look round and get on all the boats, and there were loads of them. Funny enough, we didn't buy much, but got loads of ideas.

We have been working on the scrape book and putting all the things we like in it, to show Fernwood what we want Derwent6 to look like inside.

Talking of Fernwood Craft, they celebrated their 10th Anniversary at Crick, where all their customers and suppliers got together. Food, drink and fun was had by all and it gave us the chance to get everyone's experience of the waterways. I'm sure something will be in one of the magazines. Here is Julia holding the cake.

What did we get out of the Show!

We now know what floor we want, what mattress we want, how we want the engine room to look, what generator, what radiators, insurance and the list goes on. But we now can't decide on the woodburner fire, we like the corner bubble for space, but love the Morso squirrel for looks and effectiveness.

We had a long chat with Beta marine about the engine because they have just brought out the new travel pack with the 5kW generator. We got the chance to hear it running and it was very impressive, so quiet, with no vibration. Got to have one of them!!!

We got to meet up with our hull builder, Jim Sparks but not with good news. Jim is now ready to build our shell but Ken and Julia don't need it until August so the start date may not be until the end of June now. We were so disappointed, but we will probably need the time. Jim does not want to start the shell and then it has to be sitting out in the elements, waiting to get into Fernwood's workshop, and we certainly don't want that either.

One good thing about the show is you get the chance to meet people, bloggers and all.

Hi to Fiona & John from n.b Epiphany working hard on the Bath narrowboat was great to meet you guys, and Hi to Lorraine and Mark on n.b was great to meet you too and your boat is stunning!

Hello and thanks to all our friends at Fernwood for a fun weekend. We can't quite believe that come the Crick show next year we will be living on Derwent6 and starting our new adventure



Keith Lodge said...

It is nice to ear you had a great time at Crick despite the weather. But as boaters you take no notice of a drop of rain LOL. As you say it gives you the chance to have a better look around, when others are not there due to the weather. We did not make Crick this year, but who knows we may go to Crick next year with Hadar.
I like the Morso but not with the back boiler, and we have our reasons, and I would be happy to explain them if you want to e-mail me.
Keith and I did a board for our boat, with all the ideas we wanted on it, and it actually worked well, even down to tile colours and design, so your scrapbook is a great idea.
Set your budget and keep a tight rein on it. We have done with Hadar and are coming in under budget, so we can afford a few extras when we are onboard. So many people get carried away when having their boat built and the bills mount, at the end of the day anything extra you ask to have fitted has to be paid for and the builder also needs paying.
Its a shame about your hull, but it happens that is boat building for you, so patience is a vertue. We have been incredibly patient and enjoyed every minute of the building of Hadar, you have to go with the flow.
I hope your weekend is going well, contact me if we can help at all.
Jo x

John and Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Hi Guys, Good to meet you too. It was a bit busy but at least we managed a quick chat. Sounds as if you have qute a list of requiements now. I agree with Jo. Keep a tight rein on your budget. Things can be added later or changed. Living on a boat means that your requirements develop and change. We got Epiphany about right but we did have 30 years experience of narrowboats, winter and summer! We are very happy with our Morso and Shire 45 with a geni on the engine. Any questions - dont forget to email!
John and Fiona.
As you see from our blog we then had a great cruise!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jo for your advice. We are now going to go with the Morso but like you said without the back boiler. We're practicing patience, but are so excited we just want to get going !!!!
Hope you are having a great weekend with Hadar's build.
Del & Al x

Del and Al said...

Thanks Fiona and John.....looks like you guys are having the time of your lives.