Sunday, June 17, 2007

Start spreading the news!! we're leaving today (well, September anyway)

Isn't this month just flying by...

Well we've made some changes to the plan in the saloon with taking out the corner bubble and now going for the Morso squirrel solid fuel fire, also the radiator has been moved from behind the sofa to the bulkhead on the galley.

We have also looked at the lighting plan and have used n.b Balmarha and n.b Belle's advice in to using LED lights wherever possible. We are still looking at the wattage of everything on board and we feel that the 700w gaming PC may have go, along with the surround sound speaker system and a substitute put in is place ( we don't know what yet)

Derwent6 will be running 10 batteries which are the latest quick charging batteries from Varta and we are now looking into solar power, which will be a mobile system which will just lay on the roof. (still trying to keep it simple, n.b Hadar)

We still have not heard from Fernwood on the start date, but are still working hard on getting the scrap book together for our first big meeting with Ken and Julia on how we see Derwent6 looking inside and out.

As for the spreading the news bit.....we have been to a few BBQ's and party's and have been letting everyone know about selling the house and all it's content's and already we have had alot of interest from potential buyers.


Anonymous said...

good to know that your planning is going along nicely. pity about the computer but i know you will resolve it.
the scrap book is great.
can't wait for the start date.
i never liked the radiator behind the sofa!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep it going

Anonymous said...

The quicker you sell the house the earlier we can have your house leaving party :. Will dust off my dancing shoes in preparation!!!


John and Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Hi Guys,
Looking good! Wow your elecrics sound impressive! We manage 2 laptops, normal kitchen equipment, TV (soon to be 2), microwave, fridge, freezer, halogen lights, plus other necessary transformer based equipment on 6 batteries with a Victron (travel power multiplus). So far we have had no problems! We need to cruise for about 4-5 (guestimate) hours to charge the batteries when on the cut or run the engine for the equivalent.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Dad We will !!!!

Del and Al said...

Yes make sure you do, and get practicing to Gary's Gang LOL

Del and Al said...

Hi Fiona
Hopefully the electrics will be ok otherwise we will be getting a hook up from yourselves!
Thanks for all your advice through the planning stages....

Keith Lodge said...

Hi del and al.
It sounds like you are progressing with your plans.
With 10 batteries I would of thought you could of run your PC. As you know we are keeping Hadar simple and we will be able to run both our laptops, as well as other electrical appliances.
But you obviously know your requirements.
I am looking forward to seeing your build and the layout.
Keep up the good work, you can never do to much planning.
Jo x