Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day (a Hull could be built soon)

Can you believe it !! It's May already!!

Well we're dancing round the may pole already, but we Maybe getting a call soon, saying the steel has been ordered by Jim Sparks' our hull builder, so we have been looking at all the changes that we want Jim to make.

These are things like the size of portholes, size of cratch lockers, bow deck drainage, bow design, position of mushroom vents and houdini hatches. Also how the fenders are fixed and their location, side door positions, roof rail cutouts and stern deck and roof hatches.

Difficult to get your breath back after all that lot!!!!

We have drafted up a little booklet for Jim to use, so he knows exactly how we want Derwent6 to look.

For example! Jim has these rails fitted to the bow sides which we don't want, so I have drawn it how we want it.

We also want roof fenders with cutouts in the roof rails, so the fenders can be put up when travelling.

and a square roof hatch fitted to the side doors.

We are now working on a scrapbook for the interior.

More soon !!!!


Keith Lodge said...

Congratulations on beginning your build. We are almost at the end of our build and it has been an exciting journey. As you see on Hadar's blog. We have photographed and catalogued everything for the years to come.
You will probably be changing you mind at times, but on the wole go with your gut feeling.
I wish you every success and I will try and pop in to watch progress.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jo, there's so many decisions to make (as you know only too well!) but will go with our gut feel as you suggest. By the way, nb Hadar looks great, and love the colour and decoration. Will keep following your blog to check progress, although you're now on the home straight!

Keith Lodge said...

Thanks Del.
Hadar as been worth waiting for. Never set yourself a time schedule, or a completion date then you will never be disappointed. Keith and I have just gone with the flow and taken things as they come. We have taken a laid back approach, Hadar will be done when she is done and not before. I am sure you will have lots of fun with the building of your boat, enjoy it because you want to remember it as an enjoyable experience. Take as many photo's as you can, because like us you will probably only do this only once LOL.
Enjoy your week.