Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Back out on the Cut

 So we had a good time getting things up to date, and we filled with water and emptied the waste tank..  We have to say that Dave the manager, and Mark the harbour master have been very accommodating,  

We came out of the marina loaded with wood where trees had been taken down around the moved entrance gates for the trucks to get in and out..

We just fitted under the bridge at the exit and made a left turn back towards Coventry..

It seemed a bit busier as we passed a couple of boats when it has been very quiet, but with all the debris in the cut it makes things tricky..

We headed back to our mooring at All Oaks Woods and we were surprised how busy it was after a couple of days away..

Our old mooring was taken and we ended up mooring a few boats back but we were grateful we had got in..  Fat boy Tooty was off in a flash back on familiar ground.

We had a few things to sort out as Al needed to post a few cards and we had a prescription to pick up. We then chilled with our music in the evening, enjoying the slightly longer days now.. 
Next stop vaccinations!!

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