Monday, February 15, 2021

There and back in Seven hours

 After two weeks we had to move for water, so it was our marathon trip up to Hawkesbury and back. We waited yesterday for Mark on the coal boat to come through for more coal and a top up on our diesel. It always pays to keep the diesel tank filled during the winter months to reduce the amount of condensation you get in the tank itself. We left at 8.00am for the two and a half hours through the countryside and again the canal is very silted.


The land slip here is now getting worse and if we get a lot more rain it will push the wall they built into the canal and close the navigation.

We soon overtook the coal boat and waved to Mark as we passed.

  The swans waved as us as they went past.

It was then on to the section along side the railway which seems to have more goods trains on it these days.

It was then through the golf course and the park and onto Hawkesbury junction, as Al did a couple of loads of washing to completely empty the water tank...

When we arrived we were surprised at how empty it was with boats. We went through the lock and moored right outside the pub again and waited for Asda to arrive. Del tried the manual pump out and it didn't work for some reason.. After a bit of messing about and gentle persuasion it burst into life and our poo tank was empty again.. Asda arrived spot on time and we loaded our shopping on through the side doors..

We then went back through the lock and pulled onto the water point just as the sun tried to come out and the coal boat caught us up..

We know this tap is a bit slow, but it allows us to have warming showers while we waited and finish the washing.. We set off at about 1.30pm and made our way for the two and a half hours back. It is amazing how much rain we have had and the fields are so flooded.

We went through Ansty and again it was quiet and passed the golf course again.

The trains were the only noise we had to deal with. 

With the sun trying to come out it was good to get our vitamin D as we kept warm in the cold winter air. We got back to our mooring at about 4.00pm but our mooring that we had left this morning was taken. We managed to moor just in front of the boat on it. We had passed this boat on the way to Hawkesbury and it was a boat called "Tickin Along" built by Swan Boats.  We had a chat with Colin and this boat also has Lithium batteries, and loads of other add on's, and will feature on the Channel 4 programme "My Floating Homes" shortly.

As for us, we are settled again for a bit longer and lets hope we are called for our Jabs in the not too distant future.

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