Saturday, May 16, 2020

Lockdown and Crankshaft check

So good news! We have been told by CRT that from the 23rd of May we should be able to move more freely BUT! not through locks unless it is essential to do so for water, diesel or pump out..  From this date we are allowed to stay on our lockdown moorings for another 14 days to avoid the rush and let CRT get their staffing levels back to normal.. The whole canal system will be open from the 1st June when we can again move where we want, and what we would class as back to normal cruising.. This is a relief for everyone here, as we all do this to travel and have some adventure in our lives.. We have been out walking and trying to stretch our legs a bit..

Del used the time to check out the engine again, even though we are not doing the engine hours like we used too.. We have to check the engine every 600 hours according to Beta Marine because of this modification clamp we have had to have fitted on the crankshaft end..  Yes we have only done 622 hours since we have had the solar panels and batteries fitted last April 2019. It has been such a saving on diesel and engine wear and tear..  We looked at the year before and we had done 933 hours April 2018/19 so a saving of over 300 hours on the engine, this is idle and propulsion hours.
Checking the engine is a bit of a saga on Derwent6 because of the acoustic box the engine is in, and how tight it is to get to things.
It was a nice surprise to see that the pulley paint mark hadn't moved and the pulley didn't need to come off..
The belts were all removed and then play in the pulley could be checked for side to side and up and down movement.. The belts were then fitted back on and left a little on the loose side so as to not put too much pressure on the pulley, and also allow for expansion when the pulleys get hot..
Let hope we are good for another 600 hours, fingers crossed..

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