Monday, May 04, 2020

Idiots over the weekend

So it has been another warm weekend and we have noticed it was more busy as the patience of people in lockdown starts to run out.. There were a few families bringing their car down to where we are and then going for a long walk for most of the day along the towpath..
We have also had some idiots who think its ok to go canoeing.
Not only did they think it was alright to put the canoe in the water right next to Derwent6, but they just turned there heads when we asked them not to be so close. CRT were informed and we did get a reply.
 One guy thought he would do some fishing in his canoe as well, but Al tactfully pointed out that canoeing has been suspended on the waterways for the time being..
He had driven from Northampton and thought it was ok to enjoy his hobby as it was exercise. He packed his canoe back into his car with his tail between his legs...

On a good note we have been keeping in touch with friends via the internet and Tanya (our goddaughter) has been arranging a quiz night once a week to kick things off..
 It has been great fun and lovely to catch up with everyone...
We are still enjoying lockdown and keeping ourselves to ourselves as much as we can.. This is going to be a very slow process so we must all get used to it.. Please everyone, please stay at home and save lives, Tooty seems to manage it!!

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