Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sitting out the Storm

So it was back onto the problem of sorting out the engine on Derwent6.
When Tanya was on-board we managed to get in the tank 60 litres of diesel and then it was a case of taking one more sample to see if it was clear when we removed some from the tank.. It was, so Del cranked up the engine to see if he could bleed it to let it fire up.. After knocking off the injectors, still nothing, but air was bubbling from the pipes.. After removing the leak off pipe it made it clear that no diesel was coming through.. It was then back to the tank, and puffed cheeks and a blow revealed that their was enough diesel in the tank.. After checking the water trap filter it was on to the fuel lifting pump so the pipe to the fuel filter was removed.
This is where the battery went flat and our little 12 volt charger had to come out and be used. This is a very handy little charger which is a must to have on board.. You can slow or fast charge the battery and it will charge batteries up to 120 Ah..

After a boost we soon found out that the fuel pump wasn't pumping fuel to the filter, more expense.
While Del had the engine exposed he changed the oil filter and oil and did the oil change in the gearbox..
So we have ordered a fuel pump and gasket from Beta Marine and are now waiting for this to turn up..

While we have been waiting we have had this storm Ciara, which when moored in marina seems like 60 times worse than being on the cut.. We have been blown all over the place for 24 hrs and we have had to rescue the satellite dish and Tootys catch net from the roof..  The fire has been blowing back a bit and we have been smoked out sometimes, but I'm sure we can get through it..

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