Friday, February 14, 2020

Bands and Brum

We have been getting out for walks to keep ourselves active and in these cold and frosty mornings it has been a treat..

So we have tried to have a dry January as you all know but we did go down the pub to see Eric for his One for the Road evening..
We ended up eating there and having Lime and Soda all night, and guess what...... we were up most of the night going to the Loo!..
We decided to have a day in Birmingham and get a bit of the last minute sales. Al brought herself a new harmonica which she wants to learn this year and Del got some more guitar strings to try and start playing again..

We run the engine and the engine petered out, so we now have to look at that.. When Del took another sample from the diesel tank, he found like a black oil on the bottom of the jar, so maybe a job for tomorrow..

We both have doctors appointments next week so things are suiting us where we are.

We are a bit behind on our blogs as we have had a very sad time with a death in the family, so please bear with us as we catch up....


Stuart said...

So pleased to hear from you, your last blog ended with a Doctors appointment and I feared something might be wrong ��

Del and Al said...

Thanks Stuart, yes we've had a few doctors appointments, but all ok

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Markinaboat said...


Hi, hope you don't mind me asking but are you still in contact with the previous owners of nb Ellen, Angela and John Smallbone?

Many thanks