Thursday, September 27, 2018

To the Ashby Terminus

We had a nice mooring at Congerstone and found out that there was some live music in the pub on the Tuesday night. So during the day Al caught up with the washing and Del cleaned Derwent6. On the Tuesday evening we went out for a drink at the bar and ended up having some cheese and biscuits with the live music, and very good it was too.

On the Wednesday we set off from our 48 hour moorings and took a slow journey up to Snarestone.

Tooty was thinking here we go again onto pastures new!

The water levels still aren't good, but the scenery sure makes up for it.

We soon got to Shackerstone passing the steam railway on the battlefield line.
There was a lot of debris floating around in the canal from all the strong winds we have had recently, but that means a lot of wood as well. We then got to Snarestone and its 250 yard tunnel..
This is a one way tunnel which has a little kink in it and gets lower as you get to the other end. We got through ok and then winded at the canal terminus.

We had to wind here but the Ashby canal now goes on for another quarter of a mile.

The problem is that it only has a 50 foot winding hole at the end so we would have to reverse up there.
We got a good mooring at the terminus and then took a walk up to the new section.

 A lot of progress has gone on here with a new bridge at the end.
You can go and walk round the shop and make a donation for anything you fancy. Al picked up a few bits and pieces.
You can now walk past the old pumping station, which has been turned into a house.
What has been good to see while we have been up here, is that we have had our number taken by CaRT three times.. Sorry! but we have no choice but to backtrack here, as we can't go any further so please don't take our number on the same moorings on the way back .

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Anonymous said...

Great to see that progress has been made beyond the little shop.
We met an 'Elvis' lookalike chap there who had worked the coalmines, he was so knowledgeable about the area.
He reckoned they will be drilling for shale gas there in the future!
Thanx for another fab post.
Ann and Keith xx