Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ashby Canal Blocked

We have been sitting tight over the last few days due to the wind and rain we have had.. Its good news for us to get the rain as the canals were in need of it, but we have got so used to this good weather.
We get a bit of an itch to move when we are static for three days, so we thought we had a window to move this morning. It was going to be windy at around lunchtime so we got ready to set off at 8.00am when we realised we were missing our mop from the roof. The strong winds must have whipped it right off and dumped it somewhere!. After a quick hunt for it we set off and could feel the winds picking up again.. It was good to see some dredging work going on as it does need it on the Ashby.
Being protected by the hedges and trees helped but we did worry when going through a wooded section the something was going to fall in front of us.. Doing this section all you could hear was the engine and the electricity cables singing as the wind blew through them.
We saw a few trees down on the way but it didn't obstruct our path.
We got to Hinckley and topped up with water, as the water points are a bit scarce along the Ashby.

We then pushed on past Trinity Marina and past the Triumph factory and it began to rain.

We don't cruise in the rain if we can help it but the brolly came out and we carried on. It was only showers but the rain was heavy when it came.
We reached Ashby boats and the wind was getting so strong we felt we were taking too much of a risk.. We moored up at Stoke Golding and took things off the roof as the leaves were falling all around us.
Tooty had his look around and soon came back in after being blown around a bit. We needed food so we got the bags and walked across the field past the church and to the store in the village..
We then heard that the canal had been closed at bridges 35 and 36 due to a tree down, good job we moored up here, we thought.

We then walked down to the Farm shop nearby and it was loaded with meat and veg.
We bought loads of organic veg and a fresh free range chicken which will be for our Sunday lunch..

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