Monday, August 13, 2018

Riding out the Storms

So we have be sitting tight for the last few days, and enjoying the sunshine and watching the storms.
Al has been into Rugby to have her hair cut and Del has been out on his bike and done some polishing as always.
Al also has been down to Lingfield to see Tanya's new place (our god daughter). She got the train down to Gatwick and was picked up by Tanya, also a good pub lunch was in order before Al came home at 9.00pm.
It has been so busy here on the North Oxford with about 30 boats a day going backwards and forwards.
Yes we have had a boat hit us again, this one, look out!.
It was a crowd of blokes and girls on a Canal Breaks (Willow Wren) boat which just smashed into the side of us. We did get a "Sorry" but that doesn't help our paintwork.

We made a phone call to Willow Wren... They made no attempt to stop or even slow down and laughing as they went into the distance doesn't help! Idiots!
To be honest we have had our heads buried into the European Championships and have really enjoyed it. Now with the football season starting, will it be tears or joy lol!


Anonymous said...

Funny how you’ve managed to forget your swearing, cockney hard man routine (your not by the way) chest puffs, arm and fist shakes all caught on our camera that we had running hence why no call back I guess. No abuse from us other than sorry. No debate. Bet you don’t post this......... now you know we have you and the misses on film. What is it with you people....... quote!

Del and Al said...

Sorry you feel like that, hopefully next time you will slow down more and 'push off' others boats and homes if you are going to hit them.