Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wildlife Abundance

With a look out of the portholes this morning we were greeted with a sharp frost and clear blues skies..
We had a Heron trying to get his breakfast right on our stern..
We set off with "smoke on the water" and as we turned a corner we followed a hire boat which was a wide beam..
He was going so slow trying to guide it through the branches of the Grand Union, we had to keep knocking Derwent6 out of gear to go slow enough.. In the end he decided to try and pull over and let us by, but as we got along side him his bow came over hard and we missed him by inches with full power..  We got to the first lock at Leighton Buzzard and it was in our favour... 
We got to the Tesco's stop here at 9.30am and Al and Thomas got the weekly shopping in a couple of trolley's and wheeled them right outside Derwent6.
Loaded with food, listing to one side and wallet lighter, we set off again..
We got to Grove Lock with ease and were still on our own so we pushed on..
We still hadn't passed a boat and at Church Lock and Slapton Lock with Thomas helping we were making good ground..
With it so quiet the wild life was in abundance..
We passed the lion on the hill and the sun was in our faces, just bliss!
We got through Ivinghoe Locks and soon got to Pitstone, where we had had enough for the day..

We sat in the sunshine with some nibbles out in the cratch before watching a film in the evening..

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