Thursday, April 24, 2014

Biked to Berk

We decided to take the bikes out today as we felt that after the last couple of weeks of eating and drinking we were getting a bit on the heavy side and Derwent6 was heavy enough as it is.. Del got the dust of Al's bike and then we cycled to Berkhamsted.. It is a pleasant two and a half mile ride from Cowroast as it is mostly tarmac, so when we arrived that thought we deserved a coffee..
We had a toasted sandwich for breakfast with a coffee which set us up for the day. It was Market day and they had some lovely things on the stalls but we headed for the church.
It is nice when you see an open door on a church and we walked in to have a look around. It was lovely and drenched in history..
We then walked along the high street which gave Al a shopping fix, they have some lovely shops.
All the times we have passed here we have only been to Waitrose and never the high street, we were quiet shocked at how good it was..
The weather was starting to turn so we jumped back on the bikes and headed back to Derwent6.
Just as we put the bikes away it started to spit, good timing, that praying in the church might of helped.
 We chilled for the rest of the day feeling good that we had done some exercise.

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