Friday, October 31, 2008

Under the Hatches

When we arrived, we could see the lads working hard on the engine room. We were asked where we wanted the cleets for the bow and the Plank rack on the roof.The other thing we noticed was that the Radiators weren't fitted yet, but on speaking to Ken & Julia we soon found out that they were so heavy, all the plumbing had to be tested first before they could be installed. All this weight is so low in the boat, that it should'nt be a problem and should make the stability better on Derwent6. Won't be able to moor up without grounding though!!!!

On walking into the Saloon we could see the port side unit top had been fitted.

Nothing had changed in the galley, but on walking into the bathroom we were greeted with the shower.

We sorted out the bathroom mirror and lighting in this area, progress had been made but still alot to do..

At this point we noticed the Houdini hatches had been fitted and just looked fantastic... You can see this is fitted just between the shower and centre of the bathroom, which should help getting rid of the condensation in the area when vented.

Not much had been done in the bedroom but the engine room had vast improvements.

The first striking thing was the washing machine and tumble drier were in (but not fitted yet)

The floor had been fitted over the large waste tank and the silencer had been fitted to the engine.

On the exterior the Houdini's looked great with a few added touches.....

Did you notice the bathroom floor is not down yet?......that should be done next Friday....also the Morso stove has still not arrived, they maybe unpacking it, and Christmas is fast approaching
We can,t wait to get the signwritting done soon...
(and I nearly said "happy christmas")

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