Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dayroom delight

As we walked into the workshop the first thing we noticed was that Derwent6 had been painted at the bow and below the gunnels. Also the white stripe had been painted on the stern.
On looking inside we could see Rob and Chris working on the saloon area and you could see that the upholstery had been fitted in the Dayroom. This was a mock up of how the hi-fi unit and cabinets will look in the saloon and also the fireplace area, but we still need to make some adjustment here so Rob is going to let us know after he has sorted out a few problems.

There has been some changes in design here because we have now decided to have just the one step down into the boat and make that one step a bit bigger, so it could also be another seat. (for when we have a party lol) This mean that the fireplace is now at floor level which will be better for the stability of the boat and give us a better draft on the chimney. We were pleased with the tiles which will look fabulous when varnished.

The first thing that strikes us is the warm cosy feel you get from Derwent6, it feels like home the minute you step on and Fernwood just let us live the boat for a bit as we made ourselves comfortable dreaming of being on the canal.

Going into the galley the next improvement we could see was the Dayroom upholstery, Merick had done a great job on the cushions and they looked really inviting.

As you can see Fernwood were doing a great job at turning Derwent6 into just how we wanted it to look and feel.

Remember these drawings that were done quite a while ago now.
While we sat on the Dayroom seating, Rob made a mock up of the table for us so we could check it's design and to see if it would be practical to turn into a bed base.
As you can see this design gives you enough room to get through to the bathroom with ease and will seat five comfortably.
In the bathroom, the sink units were being made and being installed. The toilet had also arrived so we should see some progress here on the next visit. The doors had also been fitted and the roof laminate was being put up by Chris while we were there.

The bedroom is all but complete, bar the radiators and the memory foam matress and side tables and as you can see, it looks very relaxing.

In the engine room there was still a lot of work to do, but the electrics had made a lot of progress with the 24 volt and 240 volt panels fitted.

While we were at Fernwood we got a call from British Waterways letting us know our new registration number,( how efficient is that) so Derwent6 is all ready for Andy the signwriter to muster up his magic.
We can't wait !!!!


Lesley NB Caxton said...

From a fellow 'excited' expectant boat owner, Derwent is looking fantastic! See you out there very soon.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Lesley and Good luck with your launch tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


We visited our shell builders on Monday, all I can say is fantastic.

We saw the sides being attached to the base and the stern fitted.

Pleased that Derwent is coming on so well.

Del and Al said...

Hi Keith and Ann
Glad to hear that your shell is moving on...but keep a close eye on it.
As for Derwent6 there still seems alot to do, but its moving in the right direction. Hopefully will meet up on the cranage...