Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Eagle has landed

Press Release!!!!

Derwent6 has now been moved from Alexander Boats to Fernwood Craft.... this will now be her home for the next eight months (or so)

But this happened really late in the day, because on the way to Jim's, the truck got pulled up by the ministry of transport and had to have a new tyre fitted.

The truck was then put underneath, she weighed 10 and a half tonnes

We then set off at Dusk following the truck at a steady 50mph

We arrived at 7.30pm in foggy conditions so we couldn't get any decent photos of the lift into Fernwood. A B Tuckey was waiting patiently with the crane and skillfully unloaded Derwent6 off the trailer in the dark and into the workshop. (Sorry about the fog getting on the lens)

Now the work really begins !!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Great to see she is on the way, being selfish (a little) it does mean ours is a little closer

Keith & Ann

Derek and Dot said...

Really exciting, will it really be that long?
Regards Dot and Derek

Louise & Cliff said...

Glad she has gone over at least its getting closer one excellent bit of news(needed something to make me smile)

Ann/Kev said...

Really pleased for you both, will it really be 6-8 months for the fit out? Hope everything goes well.
Merry Christmas
Kev & Ann nb4evermoore