Thursday, October 01, 2020

On to Stourport on Severn

 We woke up early and it was a pleasant day so we decided to move..

We sorted out the first lock as it was only a hundred yards away. Everything seemed so tranquil today and it was one of those 'just right' days for cruising..

We could see Kidderminster coming towards us  and we soon got to Kidderminster lock.

This lock goes under a roundabout and almost has a tunnel on the end of it.

The lock moorings are very narrow and it is difficult to pass and also pick up when boats are on them..  There is a Sainsburys and a Tescos, right on the canal with shopping access right to the boat if you need it.

We carried on on this pretty canal and it is more rural than you think it will be..The Watermill pub looked nice as we came out of town.

  We then reached Caldwall lock which is a pretty lock which seems in the middle of nowhere.

It was then under the viaduct and on towards Falling Sands Lock.

This has a tricky turn into it and it also has the split bridges for the ropes attached to the horses.

The canal then follows the edge of the woods over looking fields on the other side.

The sun was shining in our faces and it made it very pleasant again and it was still interesting with some tricky bridges to challenge you..

You then get to the outskirts of Stourport On Severn and it narrows and houses come back into play..  

Even the woodpeckers here have a field day..

We got to Upper Mitton where there is an old Railway basin that used to link the canals with the railways.

We then passed the Bird in hand pub and knew we were close to the town centre.

We stopped to check out the moorings and could not believe they were empty.

We then sorted ourselves out and walked to the Black Star Pub for a spot of outdoor lunch in the sunshine..

We then decided to walk out to Jim (our boat builder) and just see if he was in, but he wasn't..

It was a nice walk anyway and it walked off lunch.. We just relaxed in the evening after another full on day.. 


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous days cruising there, while the rest of us have continuous rain and gloomy skies.
You aren't venturing onto the River Severn, are you?
A&K xx

Del and Al said...

Hi both, no, not the Seven this time. We're really enjoying this canal so fancy going back the other way. Also, we had quite a bi of rain forecast. (It turned out to be the right decision as the river is now on red). Really enjoying following your travels in the bus, lovely scenery and looks great fun xxx