Sunday, February 26, 2017

Boat Freezer for Sale

So we are clearing out Derwent6 as we have loads of things we have brought back from Kent..  One of the things which had to go was the freezer. We hadn't used it after the first winter on D6 eight years ago and it ended up being a storage area for extra food..
So we have a Shoreline 12/24v chest freezer for sale, it has hardly been used and works fine. If anyone is interested please let us know..

The brasses got done today as the sun was out and Al, with all this extra space, sorted out inside Derwent6.. 
You might have noticed some garden animals on the end of our pontoon, these came out of the garden from the house in Kent and help guide Derwent6 onto the right mooring, (for the time being anyway)..


Chas and Ann said...

We are just as pleased to see you are back on board. Lucky to sell the cottage so quickly. It is a hard thing to do leaving the family home behind. So now look forward to the boat moving and the warmer months.

Anonymous said...

Hi is the freezer still forsale?