Sunday, May 27, 2012

Operation Del

On Thursday 24th we said our goodbyes to Len and Viv on n.b. Mollie and then made our way down to Kent as Del had to have an operation to remove a lump which had appeared under his arm.
After various tests, scans and MRI's, he had decided to have it removed as it seemed to be getting bigger. We stayed the night at Al's Mum and Dads and the fasting began for Del at 8.00pm.
On Friday 25th we called the hospital at 7.00am to find out where Del was on the list to go in. It turned out that there were two bigger operations in front of him and we would get a call from them at around mid morning advising us when to come in. We got a call at 11.30am and we made our way to the hospital. After seeing the anesthetist and nurse for consent Del ended up going down to theatre at 3.00pm. The operation lasted fifty minutes and he came out of recovery at 4.30pm.... Al was waiting for him. After feeling sick to start with things improved after an anti sickness jab and Del was starting to drink well. He had a sandwich at 7.00pm and really felt a lot better by 8.00pm. He was finally released at 9.00pm by the doctor, and will now have to wait a week for the results of the lump.
On the drive home Del fancied pie and chips so we took some back for Pam and Alf  at 10.00pm and we scoffed the lot.
On Saturday 26th, Del had had a good night and found out that he had a patch on his leg of shaved hair! Al had not such a good night, worried about Del, but in the morning things seemed fine.
After some breakfast we made the decision to get back to Derwent6, as it would be a great place for Del to get some quality rest. We arrived back at 4.00pm after a bump free journey. It was lovely to be back home in the sunshine watching the boats going past, and some getting into trouble.
Del still feels a bit groggy and is still in a lot of pain but we are in the best place, home....


nb AmyJo said...

Wish you well Dell. Let us know how things go with the results please?
Steve & Chris

Les Biggs said...

Glad that all went well.
Us boaters are so lucky having a place in the country to recuperate.

Anonymous said...

Big kisses from all of us at the sunny seaside!

Z xxx

Sue said...

Glad to know you are home Del. Well that bit is over now at least.

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow, knowing you I am expecting that to be a "Yes I am!"

Good luck with the results..

Thinking of you both xx

Jo Lodge said...

Sending you happy and positive thoughts. Glad Del is ok and now has the countryside to sit in and recuperate.
Will be thinking of you when the results come in.
Hugssss xxxxxxxx

Len + Viv said...

Glad to know all went well. Len reckons the missing hair has been used for a hair transplant or there's a doctor walking around with a new 'syrup'! Take care x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Del's been ill - that looks like such an awkward place to have stitches - especially in this weather.

I hope that he heals well and that the lump is nothing!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream