Monday, September 21, 2009

Down the locks was enough!

It was a nice sunny day again today and we were still feeling down in the dumps, but we had to move today...We were on a 48 hour mooring and we had spoke to the lock keeper about staying over the weekend which he was ok about. We set off around 10.30am just as the boat in front of us set off as well. With two boats it made the locks a lot easier with our sneezing and croaky throats. We did find it quite amusing to see these working boots embedded in the concrete of the canal bank.It still took two hours to go through and by the time we had got to the bottom lock we couldn't go any further. We filled with water and then did a manual pumpout before going round the corner and mooring up again. After lunch we both had to have a lay down. So it turned out to be a nothing day really. We can't remember when we were both unwell, however it never stopped us going to work so it won't stop us now......


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that you've both been poorly,it's so unlike you two to be unwell, hope you feel better very soon. Love to you both,
Mum & Keith xxxxxx

Colin said...

Hi Del and Al.
I enjoy reading your blog and have been meaning to send you this image file for some time. It was taken at your current location in Stoke Bruerne a few months back.

So here is the link to a little gift to help cheer you up whilst feeling under the weather.
Its 2.7 MB so be sure to have a decent internet connection.

Halfie said...

Hope you're both feeling better soon.

Wozie said...

Hope your colds disappear soon and you return to your usual bouncy selves!
love the boots set into the canal side, someone has a sense of humour.
nb Oakfield

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone for your get well wishes.....hopefully these blooming colds will go away soon! Can't remember the last time we were both feeling under the weather.

Hi Colin, thanks for the link, will open when on 3G