Saturday, August 11, 2007

Going up for a swim!

Derwent6 is now built up to the swim, the swim being the fish tail bit that goes on the stern.

We could not wait to get up to Jim to see the progress and was pleased with the quality of workmanship.

As for the Bow, he has now done the gas locker table and the fancy nose lines. It is all taking shape nicely, but Jim still said he has to straighten her up before the stern floor and cabin sides can be fitted. You can now see the 65 foot length and there is still the stern deck to be added.
As you can see the Bow bulkhead is now up and Jim has added in the extra lip on the bottom of the doors as we are dropping the floor as low as we can get it.

We still can't believe this will be our home, but the good news is it did look long in the workshop.

You can see the shape now coming together.
You won't need to put a spirit level against the bow bulkhead, as you can see it's square by this picture.

This is Al dreaming that Derwent6 was finished.

As for the house we are busy decorating rooms and sorting out solicitors. We will be back up to Alexander Boats, Friday week........ more then !!

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Anonymous said...

ali & del
at last it is beginning to look like a boat.
it must be quite exciting when you first arrive on your visits
keep the photo's coming