Saturday, July 28, 2007

Studying the study

After alot of thought we have decided to incorperate the study into the engine room. and we have now made a decision to turn Derwent6's engine room into the traditional colours, and make it a bit of a den, which will hold the washing machine and tumble drier and also the folding bikes. This will have a drop down table which we will be able to use as a study, with a roses and castle theme. This we feel will be a better use of the 13 feet we have available.We have been back up to see Fernwood and sorted out the port hole pitches for Jim (at Alexander Boats) and also been speaking to Andrew at Beta reference the engine and stern door sizes. It appears that the door sizes will remain standard to ensure Derwent6 fits through those quaint tunnels on the cut.

We have been working on the exterior colours and font sizes for Derwent6, and with the help from Chris on Belle, have used these drawings and played with them on the computer, to get a feel of how the bow will look when finished.

We have not been up to see the hull this week so have no further pictures yet, but Jim is still fighting with the camara we loaned him and taking shots of the build in progress, so we should have some next week.

As for the house, we are still clearing out bits and pieces and have now built the sign to go out when the time comes. If you know anyone interested give us a call.

Well we can't beleive we're nearly into August already.. We will be looking at tiles and carpet for the saloon this month, and Astro turf for the cratch area. The full drawings will follow shortly.

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