Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Windy woo, so we won't move

Woke up to the wind and rain howling against Derwent6 and it was blowing us about...So decision made...breakfast in bed! We then did a few jobs like Al cleaned up and wrote some cards while Del tightened a few hoses in the engine room. It soon came round to lunch time and as we were right outside the Wharf Inn, it would be rude not to to have their 99p lunchtime meal.... We ordered two pints of Spitfire and Egg & Chips twice with a side order of Hot Dog and chips which we shared.... It was a real tasty lunchtime treat which came to £8.47 for the two of us...Yes! £8.47..Where can you go out and get that nowadays..

We then walked down the lane to Fenny and posted some letters just before it decided to pour hard again.... When we got back to Derwent6 we lit the fire and had a coffee. In the afternoon and evening, we just listened to music and watched DVD's .... quite a nice day really!!!


Chas and Ann said...

Sue on No Problem has asked me to warn you that her blog has a malware infection. She hopes to fix it asap.

Del and Al said...

Hi Chas & Ann
Thanks for letting us know

debbie said...

I started reading your blog last night, right from the beginning. Once I started I just had to carry on. [I even missed Emmerdale!] what a great read, Thankyou. What made it even better for me was while reading I was cosied up on my own Nb Tickety Boo, so a lot of your experiences have been similar. I am a brand new blogger and will follow your story with interest. by the way I think Derwent6 is a credit to you both, she's fab!