Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our return Cruise

We had a bit of a lay in and then set off at 10.30am from Onley.. It was a nice slow cruise and two boats were in front of us.. We got to Hillmorton Locks and one boat had turned, the other guy was a single hander and we helped him down.. We passed this guy going well up the towpath and it made us smile..
We soon got to the bottom lock and it was steady cruising again onto Clifton and Brownsover which we've got to say was very quiet..
 In fact we didn't even see any other boats out and about which made it easy for us..
We pulled into the marina and in a tricky wind managed to get Derwent6 onto the pontoon.. After an hour tiding up and getting our stuff off we set off for Kent..
It had been a lovely few days together taking Derwent6 out and blowing off the cobwebs.. We are so looking forward to the next one..

Eclipsed on the move

We were up early again this morning as we wanted to see the eclipse on the move.. It was a beautiful morning  and the sun was just breaking through the fog..
We got out to bridge 103 and the eclipse had started so we just turned off the engine in the middle of nowhere and watched and listened..
It was amazing as the light changed and the fog started to appear again.. It also got a lot colder and we had to put our coats back on.. The birds started to sing like it was a dawn chorus and it felt so quiet like it was very early morning.. It was a lovely experience..
We carried on to Braunston and then headed to the marina for a pump out which we required..
They have had a new one fitted and the suction is fantastic if you want a clean tank.. The price has gone up from £12.00 to £15.00 but worth it..
We then turned and moored up right outside The Boatman pub where we planned to have lunch..
We noticed Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield and asked if they could join us for a catch up.. We met in the pub at 12.30pm and sat outside in the sunshine before we went inside to eat.. We had a lovely time together finding out how winter had been this year on the cut and also going over our issues..
We didn't want to stay outside the pub overnight so we left Keith and Ann at 5.45pm..  Thanks guys for a great time..
We carried on towards Rugby and after an hour we moored up on another of our favourite moorings at Onely.. On the way we were watched by the lambs and the goats..
We set up the telly and settled down for the night with some wine and nibbles.. It was another super day for us both on the boat we love...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our 32nd Wedding Anniversary

Well today is our Wedding Anniversary and we got up nice and early to do our Tesco's shop and we thought we might as well have some breakfast as we were out.. we got back to Derwent6 at 9.30am and set off at 10.15am for a bit of a cruise today.. We just wanted to get back into a routine of what our life's all about and what we enjoy doing. We made our way through Hillmorton Locks which were in our favour, these were the first locks Al had done since September last year, when her Dad fell ill.
We even managed to help a single hander who was going up with us in the other single lock. It was so quiet, when we got to the top it was clear to Braunston and we only passed one other boat on the way, it was lovely...
It did turn a bit colder and more layers had to be added to keep warm but we were having fun.. 
We got to Braunston and then turned towards Napton, once again all pretty quiet..
It was easy cruising all the way to the bottom of the Napton flight where we turned and managed to get a mooring ok..
A good days cruising of five and a half hours.. On the way we did meet up with Garry and Beryl on n.b. The Answer and had a chat for half an hour.. Del held Derwent6 in the cut as we chatted because there was nothing about.. it was lovely to catch up with them..
We had booked a table in The Folly Pub and took a couple of hours out to thaw out a bit before getting ready for our meal at seven...
We had a great time with a lovely meal reminiscing over the last 32 years together..
Was was the best time we had over those years?...  We both still agreed it was the Wedding and our honeymoon to Florida, our first trip abroad, which still tops the lot, and we have travelled..
The evening finished with two guys who had brought guitars and did a little session before we left.. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.
We got back to Derwent6 at 10.pm and fell into bed after our long day, but at least we had made the most of it..

Back on the cut

Well Del has stayed on Derwent6 since Al was last up and done a few jobs and kept the boat cosy...
Al came back on yesterday and arrived back on Derwent6 at lunchtime..
We were so hungry to cruise we were out of the marina like a shot..
We travelled along to the Brownsover moorings as we needed to stock up on some food at Tesco's and also we could watch the football in the pub..
We went down there at 6.30pm and ordered our starters with a couple of drinks.. We ordered main course just before the football and watched the first half.. At half time we didn't know, but there was a music bingo where you had to get the track on your bingo card and all the money went to charity. It turned out to be really good fun and we ended up winning a bottle of wine and an Easter egg.....
This did cause us a problem as we couldn't walk into Tesco's holding these items, so our shopping would have to wait till the morning... It was lovely to put both our heads down together and get a good nights sleep.. 

Monday, March 09, 2015

Turning and Focus

We had a nice lay in this morning and when we did surface we had a lovely breakfast in the warm cratch.. Del got cracking on chopping up a pallet he had found and also then filling up the locker so we were loaded with wood for the next cold snap..  Al had some letters to post and sent a few parcels..
When she came back we set off to Hillmorton Al at the tiller, and then turned..
We headed back to Brownsover and we both are amazed at how quiet it is round her..
Its a lovely warm weekend and no boats, so we managed to get on our favourite mooring..  It was so lovely it was chill time and we sat in the cratch..

 In the evening we went to get something to eat at the retail park and ended up going back to Steam Turbine as we had such a good meal there last time at a very reasonable price.. It was then on to catch up with those films and this time we went and saw 'Focus' ....

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Pam's 86th and Yep we're Cruising!!!

Pam has just had her 86th Birthday and we had a lovely time with her.. she had her best friend Eunice for a little party and we had tea and birthday cake.. and plans have been made for us to get back on Derwent6 for a few days..
Well we're back on Derwent6 at last, together!! Del came up to sort out things and give Derwent6 a clean up and on Thursday afternoon Al actually managed to get on board.. So what to do with this precious time... Well the first thing we both did believe it or not was SLEEP!. Yep! we had the fire roaring and both feel asleep in front of it..
We then made use of the car and went to the Hungry Horse pub "The Steam Turbine" and had a wonderful steak so we will be going back there again.. From there it was the pictures and we went at last to see "Fifty Shades of Grey" and I've got to say we both enjoyed it.....
It was so lovely being together in the peace and quiet of Derwent6, and on Friday morning we were up and excited about what we could do.. We had a light breakfast and then did a few jobs on Derwent6.. Al likes to clean all the work surfaces and Del cleaned the lamp..
We then jumped in the car and went swimming in Rugby and then had some lunch and headed back to the marina.. We were desperate for diesel and had to battle the wind to get on the pump, but we made it....
It was then off at last and we were cruising.. Oh it felt so good to both be on the stern of Derwent6 and watching the wildlife and tranquillity of it all...

We headed to Clifton, one of our favourite moorings through the winter months. It took us about an hour and a half and it was just lovely..
When we got there Del finished off the brasses and Al chilled reading her book in the afternoon, it was so good for us both..
In the evening we walked up to Table Table and had a romantic meal for two working out our plans for the future..

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Forever Queen fan's

Well I know we haven't blogged for a long time but as you know things have changed for a while.. We are treating this stage in our lives as just another chapter and we know this is the right thing to do.. You have to realise that as much as we love Derwent6, she is just a material thing and Al's Mum is way above the boat.. We are still reminded everyday of Alf and still feel his presence in the house that he loved..
Del has been popping back to Derwent6 just to keep it warm and keep the cogs turning..

We still haven't been able to get our heads round Christmas, but the house has been decorated just like Al's dad would have liked it... It is still very difficult for us to get out but we have had some respite from carer's and Al's sister..
Last weekend was just fantastic!! We had arranged to meet up with some boating friends Mark and Sian off n.b Utopian who live down in Portsmouth, and they had invited us to stay with them over the weekend..
Well what a weekend we had..
Mark plays in a Queen tribute band called Forever Queen ( http://www.foreverqueen.co.uk/) and Del being a big Queen fan couldn't wait to see them..
We went with friends Bernie and Sarah as Bernie is also a big Queen fan.. When we arrived Mark met us and showed us around their lovely Guest House and to our rooms, Wow we were blown away!!!
We had some time in the afternoon to go to Gunwharf Quay's (walking distance) and the girls got some shopping in while the guys had a drink or two, rude not to...
Mark went off to meet up with the rest of the band and set up for the evening and we all got showered and ready to meet up at 8.00pm (again walking distance)
It was great to meet up with the rest of the boys Karl, Craig, and Marcus, and what a great bunch of guys they are..
We had just a fantastic night, albeit Del was a bit loud and lost his voice halfway through, check out the video's on Facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Forever-Queen/136675133112778.. )
We then got back to the house and the beers continued till the early hours of the morning at Marks bar.. Yep we were knackered!!

On the Saturday the weather was just so lovely we all went for a walk along the sea front at Southsea and had breakfast in the beach café which is actually on the beach, the sea was so calm...
We continued our walk with a free tour from born and breed pompey boy Mark, it was so interesting, even finding out Isambard Kingdom Brunel was born there in 1806.. We did the round tower, Henry VIII  castle..
We also did Old Portsmouth and the tour finished at the Navy base where we went to the Mary Rose museum, a must see...
We walked back to the Guest House and it was get ready again for the evening.. This time the girls went into town while the Queen fans jumped in with Mark for another gig in Basingstoke..
We felt like Roadies as we helped getting the gear to the stage for setting up, and there is a lot of it.. What another great night we had, even though Del couldn't sing (thank god! it's Christmas).
The boys got back at 2.00am.. The girls had drinks and something to eat before it was time to catch up on some sleep..
On the Sunday we were up at 9.00am and we walked to a small café called Smile (Queens first band name) and had a lovely breakfast.. It was then back to the house where the band turned up again for a photo session, and we said our goodbyes.. On our way back we stopped off for some Sunday roast at the Crown in Shoreham before we said goodbye to Bernie and Sarah..
It was the break we needed and it helped to recharge our batteries even though we were full on over the weekend, it was great to be normal again for a bit..
Al's Mum has taken the loss of Alf quite hard and she looks a bit sad still and has been finding it difficult, calling out for him at night. But we are trying to look forward to Christmas even though one of us will be missing!