Thursday, February 20, 2020

Running around and a running engine

So the parts arrived for the engine and in the meantime we have been getting more containers of diesel..
So today it was all about getting the engine running and Del soon got to work on the damaged pump.
The new one was a bit tricky and fiddly, but it was soon changed.
Then came the bleeding which turned out to be harder than we thought.. The injection pump was full of crud and there was a lot of self bleeding to get it all out by using the leak off pipes..
After some TLC the Beta started to spit and then after cracking off the injectors it ran with a misfire and then cleared, bursting into life.. Phew!
We then went out again to get more diesel and fill the tank to the brim to prevent any condensation forming in the tank..
We collected some shopping and Al had planned a lovely Valentine dinner for two..

Sitting out the Storm

So it was back onto the problem of sorting out the engine on Derwent6.
When Tanya was on-board we managed to get in the tank 60 litres of diesel and then it was a case of taking one more sample to see if it was clear when we removed some from the tank.. It was, so Del cranked up the engine to see if he could bleed it to let it fire up.. After knocking off the injectors, still nothing, but air was bubbling from the pipes.. After removing the leak off pipe it made it clear that no diesel was coming through.. It was then back to the tank, and puffed cheeks and a blow revealed that their was enough diesel in the tank.. After checking the water trap filter it was on to the fuel lifting pump so the pipe to the fuel filter was removed.
This is where the battery went flat and our little 12 volt charger had to come out and be used. This is a very handy little charger which is a must to have on board.. You can slow or fast charge the battery and it will charge batteries up to 120 Ah..

After a boost we soon found out that the fuel pump wasn't pumping fuel to the filter, more expense.
While Del had the engine exposed he changed the oil filter and oil and did the oil change in the gearbox..
So we have ordered a fuel pump and gasket from Beta Marine and are now waiting for this to turn up..

While we have been waiting we have had this storm Ciara, which when moored in marina seems like 60 times worse than being on the cut.. We have been blown all over the place for 24 hrs and we have had to rescue the satellite dish and Tootys catch net from the roof..  The fire has been blowing back a bit and we have been smoked out sometimes, but I'm sure we can get through it..

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Being kept company!

So we have been keeping ourselves to ourselves over the last week or so, and a big thank you to everyone who has called to try and help even if its someone to talk to..

We were invited round to n.b Masibert and saw Andy and Hilary in their lovely new painted boat. 
We have also seen Tanya who came up to see us for a few days and used the time to do some revision for her work (interrupted by Tooty of course)..

She came baring gifts and we laughed at the name on the bottle.
 Al has lost 11 pounds and Del 20 pounds since Christmas, so we are in the best place at the moment.
Al was making us some lovely dinners to keep us going.
The 3rd of February was our 41st Anniversary of us together, when we had our first date on that day back in 1979. We did go out for something to eat at Nando's with Tanya and saw the film The Gentleman, we really enjoyed it.

So we still have very cloudy diesel, and we think this might be due to the fact that we have been keeping the engine room warm to protect the lithium batteries. This of course creates condensation, and due to the fact the diesel was only a quarter full this would also create condensation in the diesel tank.. So it was a win lose situation. So we have been slowly taking out the diesel and letting it settle so the water can be flushed out. We just didn't follow the rule of FILL THE TANK UP IF YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE THE BOAT OR BE STATIC FOR A LONG TIME!
We are very good at cleaning and changing filters and draining water traps, so it does point to the heat in the engine compartment..

Friday, February 14, 2020

RIP Nephew Nathan

We haven't been blogging as the last few weeks have been a very sad time for us, as we got a phone call in the middle of the night from Al's sister, to say that their son Nathan had passed away, at the young age of 37. 
This was a massive shock to us both and we have been taking a bit of time out to try and deal with this desperately sad and difficult time for the family....

Bands and Brum

We have been getting out for walks to keep ourselves active and in these cold and frosty mornings it has been a treat..

So we have tried to have a dry January as you all know but we did go down the pub to see Eric for his One for the Road evening..
We ended up eating there and having Lime and Soda all night, and guess what...... we were up most of the night going to the Loo!..
We decided to have a day in Birmingham and get a bit of the last minute sales. Al brought herself a new harmonica which she wants to learn this year and Del got some more guitar strings to try and start playing again..

We run the engine and the engine petered out, so we now have to look at that.. When Del took another sample from the diesel tank, he found like a black oil on the bottom of the jar, so maybe a job for tomorrow..

We both have doctors appointments next week so things are suiting us where we are.

We are a bit behind on our blogs as we have had a very sad time with a death in the family, so please bear with us as we catch up....

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Detox and Diet

So we are back on Derwent6 warm and snug for now.. We have decided to stay in the marina as the doctors appointment Del had just after new year has had to be moved to a week later.. Its not a bad thing with all the mud out there, and Del still has some work to do on the engine again..
So we made the most of our last days with the car and decided to change the LED lights throughout Derwent6 as they were getting a bit dim and some were going out or flickering..

Also the surrounds had started to tarnish and were looking tatty.. Well what a difference it has made, its like daylight now right through to the engine room..

Then there's us, and health is high on our list this year..
 Del had some scans before Christmas for a lump that had appeared on his stomach, but it turned out it was just fatty skin, nothing new there then!!

At he same time they also picked up that he had a slightly enlarged prostate and so blood tests will have to be done to check this is ok. Also on the scan they picked up that there was a lot of gas in his stomach, and anyone who knows Del well will know how much gas he has, again nothing new there then.. But he suffers from bloating and acid reflux so it is time to get this sorted..

So dry January it is (and possibly into February) and we are on a mission to lose weight after a binge at Christmas.. So now it is just bringing the washing up to date and doing little jobs around Derwent6..
We had planned to go out and see Eric again down the pub for open mic, but the weather was so bad and Al has been dealing with a bout of sinusitis, so we didn't fancy the walk..

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Happy New 2020

Wow, welcome back to a hopefully fantastic New Year for everyone.. Christmas was a busy one for us, as we slept in six different places and saw so many people we have lost count!.. It all started with us going down to Kent for nephew Tom's 21st Birthday and it was a good turn out with everyone celebrating with Tom, and all ready for the Christmas break..
We were even able to stay with Terry and Ron so we could have a drink. From there it was back to Shoreham and seeing some friends on the way.
We visited the cross, leaving some holly and ivy on the gate and reflecting on some lovely memories.
It was nice to return to The Crown pub for lunch, and catch up with people who remembered us from our time in Shoreham. From there it was over to Bernie and Sarah's to pick up the rest of our cards and see Bernie's Mum and Dad, Ann and Tony. You might remember them from when they came up on the boat while we were in Lincoln.  We then carried on to Whitstable, as the Christmas Eve excitement built up..  Here we met up with Zoe and Greg and the pub beckoned as the girls went to midnight mass..
You can't beat being on the beach at Christmas.
After a night cap we were tucked up hoping Santa would turn up..
We had such a great day, and the dinner was just so traditional and yummy, after a good lunchtime drink in The Neptune of course.

In fact even the afternoon was traditional with us crashing out after some games..
Boxing day it was back to Terry and Ron's with another traditional Bubble and Squeak cold meat dinner, films and games.
From there it was over to Surrey and we saw Jo and Brian (Al's sister) and Nathan & Scarlet.
 It was so lovely to see them all, and we had more lovely food. It was then nice to go over to see Matthew and May and Sofia and Alfie in their new bungalow. It didn't stop there because we travelled over to Somerset to see Del's Brother Cliff and the kids..

He had kindly sorted us out a fantastic room in the pub he is running in Frome.

The following day we walked round the town, and in the afternoon met up with Louise and had a good family gathering catching up with everything..
It was then off to meet up with David, who you also see on the boat a lot.
He works in a great restaurant near Tisbury in Whiltshire. We were staying there the night and had a lovely room! The pub is in the middle of nowhere (which we are used to)

We had a fantastic lunch, and then met up in the evening for round 2 with a few of David's friend's. It was first class, so you can see why so many celeb's come here..
We left there and headed back to Kent just after breakfast.
Passing Stonehenge on the way.
This time it was Bernie and Sarah's and we had a nice quiet night in with them, a lovely meal and a catch up about our festive activites.
We stayed the night as we were going to a New Years Eve party with them, but we were also meeting up with friends Richard and Lisa first.. We had planned a walk back in Lullingstone and we walked to Shoreham which ticked a few boxes. One, we could all have a good chat, Two, we were getting some exercise, and Three, we were getting something to eat back in the Crown pub.. We had a lovely lunch and the walk did us all good by walking off some of that turkey! We just got back before dark and drove back to Bernie and Sarah's to get ready for the evening party.
We had such a great time seeing in the new year and got in at about 2.00am.
The following day we all went out for a New Years Day meal at a place called the Moat, and all made our New Years Resolutions there..
We then drove back to Derwent6 and arrived back at 8.00pm. Yep it had seemed a full on Christmas but we loved every minute of it..

Saturday, December 21, 2019

To all our Readers!

Well it is that time of year again when we take a break from the Blog, and we just want to say to all our followers on here......

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all have a fantastic 2020 New Year!


See you all next year, when we will be going north (and then south!!)

Out and about

So we are now in the marina, so rather than blog everyday about what we have done we thought it best to just update you with a brief summery of what we are doing..
We are just loving having the car and being able to go to different places to pick up the Christmas vibe.
We have been gathering Christmas presents and the car allows us to store those big ones which get in the way on a narrowboat.. We went to Stratford on Avon and did some shopping.

Tooty has been helping us with the wrapping again.
Also Al has made new friends whilst out and about..
So we have been getting out in the evenings and we went to see Eric from the marina on his Tuesday night open mic bash..
We had a great night singing along to some of the Christmas songs with the folk from the marina and also the village..
Also while we are here we have visited the doctor's and Del has had his routine check up's now he's sixty..
Blood tests have been taken and more tests to follow in the new year.. finger's crossed..  but for now Cheers!!!