Saturday, July 20, 2019

Surprise guests!

We woke up to rain, yes rain, you know the stuff that falls from the sky.. That was a good thing because it meant Del could wipe down Derwent6 and get that dust off..
There is no better water to use that rain water for cleaning the paintwork, never use a washing up liquid.
We had quite a lazy day today, but things were going to get busy again in the evening..
At 5.00pm Tanya, our god daughter, arrived who is staying for a couple of days.
At 5.15pm Del's mate Steve (Tanya's Dad) arrived, armed with some lovely donuts. Steve had been working in Liverpool and on his way back dropped in to break up the journey and miss the rush hour. We chatted in the cratch till the pub was serving food.
We then we walked down to the Jolly Boatman and had a bite to eat.
Steve had to drive back to Kent afterwards and we said our goodbyes..
Tanya stayed with us the night.

Friday, July 19, 2019

On to Thrupp

We made the decision to leave this morning even though we had a good spot with good signals..
We did have the dredger going by every half an hour but it wasn't a problem.. Still as we were just about to push off a hire boat went past us and we sat behind them at the lock.
It was another beautiful day, and this section was now dredged so it was lovely cruising.
We soon entered Thrupp, and we do like it here, the trouble is the moorings are few and far between if you want to stay longer than 2 days..
We needed four days, and as we came round the corner we could see a mooring available on the 7 day moorings.. Wonderful! we were sorted...
So what shall we do tonight? Pub x 2, tearooms, a walk, or a film.. Life is good!!
We had some nibbles out the front and then walked down to the Jolly Boatman, and in there we met Maffi, Susan, Martin and Molly the dog who we joined.. It was a good catch up and drinks all round till 11.15pm.
The perfect end to a perfect day!

Off the Thames (and will miss it)

Today we are coming off the Thames and again we have been lucky with the weather. We untied after removing the chimney and went under Osney Bridge, but as the water levels are so low it wasn't a problem anyway..
The river then passes the Isis link to the Oxford canal and then closes down through the trees at the cutting.
At Binsey it open out again and you feel more Thames like, the sun was shining and it looked fabulous.

We approached Godstow lock which was on self service, but looked in our favour..
Al jumped off and opened the gates and then Del held Derwent6 on the centre rope..
It was then the twist and turns onto Kings lock, which again was on self service. This lock is not very deep and easy to use.. Straight afterwards is the turn into Duke's Cut which links to the Oxford canal as well.  This also had its problems as there was a sunken boat which made things a bit tight..
We got through Duke's cut locks and then managed to do the difficult lift bridge..
We then reached Kidlington Green Lock and it was busy with boats waiting to come down and also they were dredging here..

At the top we got the last spot and moored up..
Al soon had her washing machine going and solar was so good it was supporting the batteries (and we are in the shade)..
We chilled for the rest of the day in the sunshine, Del went for a walk to stretch his legs while Al read her book.. It was catch up tv in the evening, watching the eclipse of the moon..


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Taken to Oxford, Yesterday?

We set off at 8.30am (and it was a bit cloudy), just in time to get to the lock as the lockkeeper arrived.
We then went onto the water point and a queue soon formed here.

It was then breakfast on the move and David had his in the cratch. He then took the helm and Del and Al sat in the cratch to have their's.
It was just another one of those brilliant cruising days and you can't beat the Thames when its like a mill pond.

It then came to the time for David to do his first lock and he took Derwent6 in with ease with a little help from the lock keeper who took the ropes..
Success! as we left the open gates..
Becoming a dab hand at it he took Derwent6 through Kennington and into Iffey lock.

We were surprised to see loads of mooring at Oxford but thought it manners to moor up close to the boat in front as it normally gets busy along here..
We showered and went out as David wanted to see Oxford.. First stop, the Wig and Pen and we had some nachos with a couple of beers.
Then it was onto Dirty Bones for some cocktails and finishing in Mowgli's Curry house to fill our stomachs..
We walked back to Derwent6 to collect David's things and then he left for his train..
 While out, Del and Al had booked some tickets to see "Yesterday" the film. It was about a world where no one could remember the Beatles songs. We really enjoyed it and its a gentle reminder of how powerful music is..
We crashed out about midnight!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Abingdon Sports Day

We set off from out nice mooring at Day's Lock and headed round to Clifton Hampden passing some posh houses on the way..

We went under The bridge here and into Clifton Lock.
It was then a slow cruise up to Culham Lock where we managed to get a couple of containers of water in the tank of Derwent6.

We then made our way up past the sailing boats to Abingdon bridge and got a mooring on the high wall.

The main objective today was to get telly as it was an amazing sports day with the Grand Prix, Tennis final, and World cup Cricket final. We set up the telly and laptop to watch what we could..

It was fantastic and we were fixed to it for the afternoon and evening with Hamilton winning the British Grand Prix, the tennis Wimbledon final going to five sets and 12/12 in games and then being won on a tie break, and we then watched England win the World Cup Cricket final in a Super Over by one run. After all that we needed a drink so we walked into Abingdon and stopped on Nag's Island (see pic above) and had a couple over looking Derwent6.
It had seemed a long day, but we were getting low on water so we needed to leave tomorrow..