Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Weather to go or not..

The weather was a bit on the poor side today with very heavy showers turning into more persistant rain later. So we decided to stay put and do a few jobs. We fitted the carbon monoxide alarm which we feel is an important piece of kit required with a multifuel stove, and we fitted a shelf in the engine room over the hot water tank so we could dry things like gloves and hats and even shoes and boots.
We have had quite a lot of traffic today with a few boats moving about in the rain, but we had no reason to move. We will be waiting for the sun to come out before we pull the pins.... We just listened to the radio and put on a DVD....


dundustin said...

They're the kind of days I love...where you take stock and enjoy the things you have.

Julie/Mike said...

Found your log via Keith and Jo's and just loved all the entries on the build - geat pictures too!
Anyway it inspired me to start our own - Mike has a web site but that's all far to technical. So bit by bit I'm tryng to pick out some of the better bits and doing a more light hearted general blog which I hope will keep going when we take to the water.
Anyway hello and keep blogging.

Del and Al said...

Hi Dunny
yehh the're just great!

Del and Al said...

Hi Julie
Glad you found the blog and well done for starting your own..... we will add you to our list. Good Luck with your plans for the future.