Monday, March 16, 2009

Where are the S.A.S.

We were woken up early this morning by a boat going past us at ten past six. They must have been in a hurry to get where they were going or someone must have been having a baby.

After the S.A.S. (Saturday and Sunday's) from the weekend it appeared to be very calm and quiet today, it was also a nice day again, so off we went.
We passed Napton Junction (or Wigrams Turn) and headed down the Oxford towards the Napton flight. This Junction will always be Napton Junction to us as Wigrams marina came a lot later.

After getting to the top of the flight we passed n.b Harnser,( ) moored up with it's new paint job, and we moved slowly in the sunshine not passing another boat till we moored five hours later, where have all those people gone?

We had seen 26 boats pass us on Saturday and we were the sixth boat in a line on Sunday. When we were moored on Sunday one boat came past us in the dark, "are you on the night shift" we shouted "no we just got our timings wrong" they answered. Hope they got back to the marina ok.

This afternoon we are back in the peace and quiet of the countryside and touching up the paintwork after the wind took the bow waiting to go into one of the locks. Never mind it's only paint........
We tried out the washing line for the first time and it worked a treat. We did some washing on the move and tumble dried it as well, but it's nice to give some things a good airing now and again.
We got a call from Fernwood today and it looks like full steam ahead to get the Axoin Propeller fitted. We just need to find out where we will be at the time the propeller arrives so we are near a marina to get it fitted. The noise is really starting to annoy us now, as it is starting to whine even when passing moored boats.

It's another nice evening, so must have another beer with our sun burnt faces and chill out for the rest of the day...


Adam said...

As I understand it, the name Wigram's Turn is a lot lot older than the marina, being the name the working boatmen had for Napton Junction.

Del and Al said...

Wow thanks Adam
you learn something everyday!

Roger NB Windsong said...

Wigram's was the name of the old toll house at the junction in 1798.

Hence the old boatmen calling it Wigram's turn and the marina being named after the house.

Happy boating. Love the blog.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Roger for the info, glad you're enjoying the blog

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

A vewry long thread about it all here