Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get up you lazy gits!!!!

Someone has got it in for us this week..we were woken up by a boat going by at 6.15am, but got this lovely picture of dawn breaking. We then thought we would go back to sleep, and then were woken by this going pass our window.British Waterways had decided to cut the grass at our mooring...You wouldn't mind but we are in the middle of nowhere. They did bang on the boat and let us know, and the guy doing the strimming did give us the chance to move.....so we did!!!

We had to get along to the water point at Fenny Compton and as we were filling with water n.b Aylestone stopped to get water as well. This is a shared ownership boat and they were having a great time and enjoying this fine weather we have been having. We had a nice chat with them as they waited to fill with water before noticing that there were two taps available. Nice people!

The sheep were also enjoying the weather, but were getting a bit hot, so this one decided he needed a haircut and used the barbed wire fence to have one. He was bald right across the middle of his back.....bet the farmer won't be too pleased!!!
We took a nice slow cruise down through the lift bridges to Clayton locks where we moored for lunch and ended up staying all afternoon.

We then got out the bikes and went for a trip into the village to pick up some provisions. We then got back to the boat and lit the fire, for a nice quiet night in........


Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather stick to a traditional alarm clock than have one of those BW industrial sized lawn mowers on my bedside locker! Just wait until the summer when the combined harvesters get going!!

By the way, some great photos.

Joy & Steve x

Keith and Jo said...

How lovely to be woken up, we do at least get woken by bird song LOL.
Well we are just about to leave the Leicester Arm, but you will be pleased to know we will be back in october to do a winter coal run, so hope to see you then. Jo xx

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Not us this time! The best part of the day for travelling canals is before 0900.

Del and Al said...

Hi Joy & Steve
Thanks! I think then it will be early to bed, early to rise etc etc lol.

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
That's great news! Really pleased it all worked out. Look forward to catching up later in the year x

Del and Al said...

Hi Brenda
Totally agree....best time of the day is dawn & dusk