Thursday, March 05, 2009

No silence from the lambs

When we got up this morning we were woken by the crying of sheep and lambs but it was a lovely day... we then just pottered about doing jobs like painting the pole on the roof, though the lambs weren't impressed with the paintwork and went away with green paint on there noses. We were going to go for a walk into Braunston, but the weather changed with showers and some hail stones, so we shut the hatches and settled in for the afternoon It all cleared up for the evening so we enjoyed a nice glass of wine and a terrific sunset.


Derwent Gnome said...

Hi to you both, good to see that you had a break and met up with friends. I have not been too well so I have only just caught up with your blogs but I must say to Steve there is plenty of room for me and not only at the front of the boat, and Halfi I am still anonymous or better still you can call me DERWENT, DERWENT GNOME

be in touch soon

not all gnomes have a fishing rod

Halfie said...

Great sunset pix, and a nice moon shot. You must have quite a zoom on your camera!

Ann said...

hello you two,
Lovely sunsets your images make your blog look like a romantic old film at the moment!
Have you met any other Fernwood cruisers yet, there must be quite a few out there now?

Del and Al said...

Hi Derwent....hope you're feeling better x

Hi Halfie, Yep pleased with the camera, and the sunset seemed unreal for this time of year

Hi Ann
Haven't come across another fernwood boat yet, but think most of them have moorings, so may do in the summer