Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So nice, rude not to move

What a beautiful day today after all that wind and rain yesterday. So rude not to pull the pins and leave our wonderful spot a Norton Junction and wender our way up through the Braunston tunnel. Yes that dot is the end of the tunnel, which takes 45 minutes to get through.At Braunston Locks we meet up with a great couple who we have been with at Norton for the last week or so. Steve & Alison were on there way to Braunston to have their alternator bracket repaired. Good luck you guys! We then stopped to get water and while filling Al made some lunch for Del and the ducks did alright as well. This duck was taking bread out of Al's hand. It was such a clear day you could see the sun and the moon in the sky. This shot was taken of the moon at 3 o' clock in the afternoon. We then set off to find a mooring in the countryside and it wasn't long before we were banging the pins in and watching the lambs in the fields around us.We had just got settled when who should come along but Iain & Alison on n.b. Gosty Hill (the coal and Diesel boat). We were hoping to see them as we nearly got diesel at Union Carriers in Braunston and with Gosty Hill at 59p a litre were pleased we didn't.
We really miss our 3G signal we had at Norton Junction, so we have been loading the pictures with a on and off 2G signal, but what the heck we have fantastic views...


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are on the move again!!Don't forget to get ready to repel boarders on the 18th!!!!!
Dad & Telxxxx

Anonymous said...

Great photos ... as usual and glad you're back on the move! We Googled the Braunston Tunnel and it says it's 4.8m wide - is that wide enough for two boats to get through? Going by the arch of the tunnel it doesn't seem wide enough - who has right of way if a boat is coming in from the other direction? Are you still heading South?
Hope to see you soon.
Joy & Steve x

Del and Al said...

Hi Dad & Tel
Yep we're sorting out a route and looking forward to it x

Del and Al said...

Hi Joy & Steve
Yep you pass in the tunnel, although its tight(about 3 inches). There are some tunnels that are only one boat wide, and then you have a tunnel keeper who lets through the boats in each direction, however in most tunnels you can pass carefully. We're in the Rugby area at the moment, but will be heading south soon.
Take care xx

Lisa said...

We are four keen avid blog followers staying at Lengthsmans Cottage on the Stratford Canal at Lowsonford just below Kingswood junction and have had nothing to read for two days! Whereabouts are you and what are you doing this weekend? We would love to ask you 101 questions about living aboard. We all love canalling and hire a boat when ever we can. You are living our dream. We are disapppointed that the stretch we are staying on is closed and therefore the lock is not in use. We were so looking forward to chatting to boaters. If you check out and landmarks, we are at Lengthsman's Cottage.
Lisa, David, Amanda and David

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa, David, Amanda and David

Glad you're enjoying the blog. We used to do what you're doing so it will happen one day